Home Remodel: Is Hardwood Floor Difficult to Upkeep?

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When remodeling your home, there are some things that could be considered a DIY project, while others are better for professionals and experts. Hardwood floors, for instance, can be laid by a novice, but the best results are typically garnered by someone with knowledge, experience, and expertise.

Upkeep, however, is something that novice home remodelers should be well-versed in. Regardless of floor type, there’s going to be a degree of maintenance required to keep those floors looking and feeling great, especially hardwood floors. In this article, we cover why hardwood can be difficult to upkeep, and how you can maintain any floor type.

Hardwood Floors = Time

It’s a lengthy, involved process to make the wood for hardwood floors, which is why upkeep and maintenance can be a challenge. These types of floors take time and dedication to keep beautiful. You have to commit to a level of cleanliness and care when investing in hardwood floors.

The Simple Upkeep Methods for All Flooring Types

Most floor types have comprehensive guidelines with slight variations depending on type. These are the basics.

·    Never leave spills to sit and stain. Clean messes immediately to avoid destruction of any floor type.

·    Sweep, vacuum, or dust your floors daily. Every other day is fine for floors like carpets and luxury vinyl flooring in valencia pa.

·    Use furniture pads as a buffer between furniture legs and the floor. You can avoid scuffs, scratches, and indentations.

·    Polish or wax hardwood floors where applicable.

Choosing the Best Floor Type for Your Home

When remodeling your home, it’s important to choose a floor type that jives with your energy and cleaning styles. You could even section off areas of your home for different types of floors. For instance, the bedrooms, where you need the most warmth and comfort, could be carpeted, while the kitchen would benefit from versatile vinyl planks.